Sir Christopher Wren's Temple Bar

Harris Digital Productions recorded the dismantling of Temple Bar at Theobalds Park, the restoration work and rebuilding at Paternoster Square in the City of London.

The Project

Temple Bar has finally returned to the Square Mile. In the December meeting of the Court of Common Council in 2001, the City of London agreed to fund the return of Temple Bar to the Square Mile. At a cost of just over £3.0m – funded by the City of London along with donations from the Temple Bar Trust and several Livery Companies – the reconstruction of Temple Bar on a site next to St Paul’s Cathedral was completed in November 2004.

The project was filmed and photographed by Harris Digital Productions

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  • temple-bar-lodge

    Temple Bar Lodge is sold for £26,000

    The Lodge, which was built by Lady Meux in 1889 and adjoined Temple Bar at Theobalds Park, was sold at auction for £26,000.

  • medal_2

    Rare medal found

    An extremley rare medal struck from the lead roof of the Temple Bar, when it was dismantled in Fleet Street in 1878 has been found …

  • temple-bar-commemorative-plaque

    Commemorative Plaque

    CWO build a commemorative plaque marking the former site of Temple Bar at Theobalds Park, Cheshunt. Stones from the former lodge…

  • official-opening-lord-mayor-of-london

    The Official Opening of Temple Bar

    The Lord Mayor of London, Alderman Robert Finch officially opens the Temple Bar Gateway on Wednesday 10th November 2004.

  • stonemasons-time-capsule

    Time Capsule

    Stonemasons have buried a Time Capsule inside the floor of the upper chamber. A diamond drill was used to cut the 100mm diameter hole.

  • last-stone-is-laid

    Last stone is laid

    History is made after 126 years, London’s most famous gateway has now been reassembled back in the City. The last remaining stone…

  • time-lord-alderman-robert-finch

    Time Lord

    The stainless steel Time Capsule contains a factual snapshot of the City of London in 2004, together with notes, black and white photographs…

  • last-stone-is-lifted-at-theobalds-park

    Last stone is lifted

    The last remaining stone from Temple Bar was lifted from the ground at 1pm on Wednesday, 4th February 2004. The stone known as LUFC7…

  • time-capsule-found-inside-temple-bar

    Time Capsule found

    The Time Capsule buried within Temple Bar by Lady Meux in 1889, has been found by the stone masons. The 115 year old glass jar…

  • first-stone-is-laid-at-paternoster-square

    First stone is laid

    Jacko and Phil, lay the first stone at Paternoster Square. Stone 1/1 forms part of the plinth which will form a base for Temple Bar…

  • lord-mayor-alderman-gavyn-arthur

    Work starts in the City

    On Thursday 16 October 2003 the Lord Mayor of the City of London, Alderman Gavyn Arthur, unveiled a commemorative plaque at Paternoster

  • first-stone-is-lifted-from-temple-bar

    First stone is dismantled

    Another important date was added to the history of London’s most famous gateway, when the first stone of Temple Bar was carefully dismantled.